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Selecting the Best Lash Extensions for You


Lash extensions can be a fun way to upgrade your makeup look. They can also be incredibly beneficial and convenient for those who are getting ready for a special occasion and do not want to worry about putting on fake eyelashes the day of their event. Because lash extensions can last you for weeks. This is ideal for those who lead busy lives but still want to look their best.

However, there are many different eyelash extension options out there and it is important to do your research about which options would suit you best before you commit to a particular kind.

  •       Mink: These are the priciest option of lash available but they are the most luxurious. This type of lash is much more subtle and natural-looking than the synthetic and it is much lighter which makes them the most comfortable option.


  •       Silk: These are typically the type of lashes that are considered mid-range. While they are not as natural as the mink, they are also lighter than the synthetic which makes them more comfortable to wear. They are also a more inexpensive alternative to the mink lashes.


  •       Synthetic: These are the heaviest option and they are the least natural. However, they can be far more dramatic than the subtle and understated mink. They are also usually much cheaper than the mink eyelash extensions would be.


Are You Searching for “Lash Extensions Near Me”?


If you have been thinking about getting lash extensions, whatever your occasion may be, we at Blush Cosmetic Enhancement Center are here for you. Your lash extensions are not just beautiful, they are placed on you through a delicate process and it is important that the person and institution performing this process are experienced and prepared to give you the highest quality extensions possible.

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Blush Cosmetic Enhancement Center can be your answer to those searching for “lash extensions near me.” We have the tools and expertise to give you the quality eyelash extensions you have been searching for regardless of your choice of type. Stop wasting your time searching “eyelash extensions near me” and contact us at Blush Cosmetic Enhancement Center in St. Petersburg today.


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