There are myths about microblading that you may have been led to believe, and it is important that you are able to distinguish between myths and the truth. Here are Blush Cosmetic Enhancement Center, we are eager to debunk the myths that you have heard and help you know the truth. We are located in Saint Petersburg, Florida, and we are here to provide you with quality help with eyebrow microblading Tampa residents trust. We provide the kind of microblading in Tampa that will make you feel better about your appearance.


  1. You Can Do Anything You Want Outside Right After Microblading


You need to be careful of your eyebrows after you have microblading work completed, and that means making sure that you do not sweat too much. You should not be spending time outside in places where you might get wet – such as the pool – and you should not be spending time doing things that might get you hot and sweaty. Experts such as those at Blush Cosmetic Enhancement Center will provide these tips for you, as well as more, when looking for eyebrow microblading Tampa residents trust.


  1. Your Eyebrows Must Stay Completely Dry After Microblading


The truth is, you should take some time to gently clean off your eyebrows after you get home from having microblading work completed. You should use your fingers and a gentle soap that is made for sensitive skin to clean off the eyebrows when you get home.


  1. You Need to Wait Months After a Botox Treatment to Have Microblading Work Completed


You can have work completed on your eyebrows in as little as ten days after you have had Botox work completed. You do not have to wait for the Botox to wear off, you do not have to spend weeks dealing with eyebrows that you do not like. It is safe to receive microblading in Tampa services just ten days after a Botox treatment.


  1. You Cannot be Numbed Before Microblading Work Takes Place


You can have the area where the work is going to take place numbed before the work is done to help you be comfortable. You do not have to suffer through the pain that would come if you were not numbed. It will not affect the results for you to have your face numbed.


  1. You Cannot have Microblading Work Done if You are on Blood Thinners


As long as you talk with the one who will be working on you and you let them know that you bleed easily, you can still have work completed on your eyebrows when you are on blood thinners. You can receive microblading work if it is handled in a careful way and with a light hand.


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If you are ready to change up your appearance through the help of microblading in Tampa, we are here to help you with that. Now that you know what is true and what is not, set up and appointment to have work completed on your eyebrows. The staff here at Blush Cosmetic Enhancement Center is available to serve you, so contact us today.