Before you begin searching “microblading eyebrows near me,” you must know what microblading consists of. Blush Cosmetic Enhancement Center provides the best microblading in Tampa and we understand that in order for clients to feel comfortable coming to us, we must be open and transparent about the process of microblading. Microblading can be a real solution for people who have thin or sparse eyebrows and would like to see something more permanent than simple makeup. However, it is far more complicated than that. If you would like to learn more about microblading and how it works, contact us at Blush Cosmetic Enhancement Center to speak to one of our clinicians.


Microblading Basics


If you have been searching for a solution to thin or sparse eyebrows, you have likely heard of microblading at some point in your search. Microblading is a practice that utilizes a unique tattooing technique to create hair-like strokes that fill in sparse or thinning eyebrows. It is meant to be semi-permanent and can resolve the need to purchase brow products, but it can be expensive which is why it is important to do your research prior to committing.

  •       You may require more than one session. This is because more than one session may be necessary in order to get the perfect look that you have been striving for.


  •       Different skin types are going to take to the treatment differently. Oilier skin types have a very difficult time accepting the pigment, and it may be necessary for the clinician to be very skilled in order to ensure success.


  •       Your eyebrows do lighten after the first week. While they may be extremely dark when first done, they will eventually scab over and lighten as time goes on.


  •       The procedure can be performed with a numbing agent. Some patients report pain when they get their eyebrows microbladed, which is why some clinicians will offer a numbing agent to help ease the patients through the process.

Where Can You Find “Microblading Eyebrows Near Me”?


Blush Cosmetic Enhancement Center is located near Tampa, and we offer a number of services for those who are looking to feel rejuvenated. We understand that the act of getting your eyebrows microbladed places a great deal of trust into the hands of the person who is performing the procedure so we work hard to make sure that we provide the highest quality services possible. If you are interested in learning more about how microblading in Tampa and how our microblading procedures work, contact us at Blush Cosmetic Enhancement Center to schedule an appointment with one of our trained clinicians or visit our website.


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Blush Cosmetic Enhancement Center has the best microblading in Tampa along with a variety of other services for those who are looking for permanent solutions to their beauty concerns. Stop searching “microblading eyebrows near me” and come in to speak with one of our clinicians to discuss your concerns and learn firsthand what microblading is about. Contact us to learn more or visit our website.