Everybody wants full, luscious lashes. Mascara isn’t permanent, false eyelashes are a hassle, and not everybody has the genetics for Princess Jasmine lashes. A beautiful set of eyelashes can open up your eyes, frame your face, and add drama to your makeup. So what’s the best way to get long thick eyelashes for you? The lash lift is a revolutionary new service that has hit the market and changed the way we look at eyelash extensions. Blush Cosmetic Enhancement Center is devoted to providing stellar customer service and beauty treatments which use only the highest quality, natural ingredients. If you’re looking up “eyelash extensions near me” in the St. Petersburg area, contact Blush Cosmetic Enhancement Center to secure an appointment today!


What is a Lash Lift?


A lash lift is a new kind of treatment designed to enhance your natural eyelashes for longer periods of time than mascara or temporary false eyelashes. The procedure consists of a Keratin based product being applied to each of your individual eyelashes. This product will make your eyelashes look thicker and fuller, and essentially helps your eyelashes grow faster and thicker. Eyelash extensions also work to achieve longer, fuller lashes, and have been popular for a number of years. Lash lifts are a relatively new service that is quickly catching on all around the globe. There are a few difference between the two services. While lash lifts use a product to make your lashes look fuller, much like permanent mascara, eyelash extensions basically attach hair additions on top of your eyelashes so that they blend in with your lash line. Eyelash extensions function exactly like hair extensions, but for your eyelashes. Both procedures take around one to two hours, although lash lifts can last two to three months compared to eyelash extensions which tend to fall off after 2 months, depending on how fast your lashes grow. Lash lifts do need continuous treatments and additional lifts every time they wear off, just like eyelash extensions, which need fills every two to three weeks.


Eyelash Extensions versus Lash Lifts


Lash lifts can be better for your eyelashes, as eyelash extensions attach to your lash line and can possibly cause your natural lashes to break off. When not done properly and by professionals like those at Blush Cosmetic Enhancement Center, eyelash extensions can be damaging to your natural eyelashes, so it’s important to go to trained professionals who use quality glues and products when looking up “eyelash extensions near me.” Because lash lifts are just keratin treatments on top of your lashes, they are less damaging to your natural lashes. At Blush Cosmetic enhancement Center, we use only the top-shelf products to safely enhance your lashes and protect your natural beauty. Moreover, lash lifts look a lot more natural, since they are enhancing your natural lashes rather than adding on. Eyelash extensions are more dramatic and last longer, but can look less natural, so it depends on what kind of look you are going for. Both services can create the luscious lashes you are striving for, and here are Blush Cosmetic Enhancement Center our trained professionals will give your eyelashes proper maintenance.


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For something as delicate as your natural beauty, it is essential to take good care of yourself from the inside out, and utilize quality products and services to protect and enhance it. If you are considering either lash lift treatments or eyelash extensions and are looking up “eyelash extensions near me” in St. Petersberg, Blush Cosmetic Enhancement Center offers premium beauty treatment services with natural products. Call us today and book an appointment!