In the 90s our eyebrow shapes were simple and thin. Nowadays, if your eyebrows aren’t as bold and thick as your eyeliner pencil then you are in need of a major fashion upgrade. In this era, our eyebrows are a fierce statement that help accentuate today’s modern makeup looks. At Blush Cosmetic Enhancement Center, we service our glamourous clients with eyebrows of the current decade. Our services include eyelash extensions, micro needling, and microblading in Tampa.

If you aren’t sure just which eyebrow pattern meets today’s standards, take a look at the evolution of eyebrows.

The Evolution of Eyebrow Shapes:

1930s – The Greta Garbo


Back in the ‘30s women were all about the natural look and makeup was still reserved for nightingales. That is until Hollywood makeup artist Max Factor gave Ms. Greta Garbo a makeover than transformed the makeup industry. He plucked her (now iconic) eyebrows to be pencil thin, in order to draw attention to her eyes. He then penciled in an extravagant curved line right above the brow bone to get her a truly unique façade. Women loved this look so much, they began purchasing makeup so that they could recreate the look for themselves.


1950s – The Joan Crawford


Ms. Crawford took the rebellious route by growing out her arches in the 40s so that by the 50s, she had a look that represented past decades. Her thick eyebrow shape incorporated the elevated arch adopted in the 40s, but still maintained that iconic rounded shape set by Greta Garbo.

1980s – The Brooke Shields


Brooke Shields became a teenage icon after her promiscuous Calvin Klein commercial in the 80s. After that, people couldn’t get enough of her. She became a heartthrob amongst teenage boys, and girls of all ages were quick to mimic her natural and ample eyebrow look.


1990s – The Kate Moss


The 90s were a time of experimentation. It became the era when bras became futile and plaid matched with everything. Kate Moss, a bombshell supermodel, became an icon for beauty in this decade. Her razor thin eyebrows became a point of envy, and women everywhere were quick to bring back the over-plucked look.

Today – The Emma Watson


Thick, natural, and boisterous has quickly become the preferred eyebrow shape for women today. Modeled after fashion icons such as Emma Watson and Cara Delevingne, eyebrows have quickly taken an art form all of their own. People have coveted Emma Watson’s eyebrow shapes as they pair great with both a natural eye or a bold red lip. 2018 in particular seems to be the year for experimental eyebrow shaping with braided, cut, and colored eyebrow looks taking the front cover on fashion sites everywhere. These experimentations are why microblading in Tampa has become so highly sought after.

Due to the overindulgence of eyebrow plucking from decades past, more and more women are finding it hard to get today’s perfect eyebrow arch. Thankfully, here at Blush Cosmetics, we use tactics to help get you the thick, illustrious eyebrows you have always craved. We offer services such as microblading in Tampa that will give you the defined, permanent eyebrow arch you have been striving for. Thick, cut, and pristine, our team will get you the look that is totally Instagram worthy.