You’ve probably looked in the mirror and agonized over the growth or lack thereof of your eye lashes. You may have even expected a major change in appearance in a matter of days, but perhaps you haven’t seen the results you want just yet? Blush Cosmetic Enhancement Center provides eyelash extension services St. Petersburg residents can trust. At this point, you could be wondering, “do eyelashes grow back?” Eyelashes can lose their volume from time to time. Whether it be as a direct result from the tension on the eyes or illness, it’s important to note that eyelashes can regain their volume through a cosmetic process such as a lash extension.

Understanding the Growth Cycle


Eyelashes are just like any hair on the body. They shed periodically and complete what’s called a growth phase. Your eyelashes may shed, and at that point you may choose to search for “eyelash extensions near me.” Post eyelash extension, your eyelashes may thin out from four to six weeks after. If you experience this thinning, note that they do eventually grow back. If you have just removed your eyelash extensions, you may notice that your appear small and fine. The growth period for a single eyelash is two weeks. The lash will cease to grow for a period of two to three weeks after. The resting phase precedes the point in which the lash falls out, and it can last anywhere from four to nine months.

Do Eyelashes Grow Back? Products to Grow Your Eyelashes


There is no shortage of products available to help you regrow your lashes. Speeding up the process and enhancing the volume of your eyelashes are the main goal. A multivitamin can do tremendous things in the way of accelerating the growth of eyelashes. You can also choose to take a biotin supplement, which can assist with hair growth. Serums can improve eyelash growth results. Eyelash enhancing serum can come in natural forms as well. Common characteristics include ingredients like amino acids, peptides, and vitamin B5. The more natural forms of these products are made with no fragrances, colors, or sulphates.


You Have Medical Options


Medical options exist for those who are unsatisfied with their results to date. A doctor may prescribe what’s considered an “eyelash growth enhancer.” The enhancer has to be applied each night to the upper lid. Medications like Latisse can fill in the less dense areas. It also lengthens the eyelashes and gives them a fuller appearance. Eyelash growth results can be seen in as little as four months with consistent use.

How Long Does it Take for Eyelashes to Grow Back?


Eyelashes can take between one and six months to grow back completely. Some people can see a change in their lashes in as little as six weeks after getting “eyelash extensions near me.” Eyelashes can only grow back compared to what was there originally. In other words, if you were born with only a certain number of eyelashes, you can only regrow back that exact amount. What can change is the thickness, which can lend your eyelashes a fuller appearance when combined with eyelash extensions.

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If you are looking for “eyelash extensions near me,” you can receive information about these growth products. If you are wondering, “do eyelashes grow back?” reach out to Blush Cosmetic Enhancement Center in St. Petersburg and be assured that they do. Your eyelash extensions or removal thereof will not impact your eyelash growth process.