Your face is the first thing people look at when they first meet you, followed by the impression created by a few other things such as your sense of style, body language, how you speak, but most importantly, the aesthetic of your face. People may make judgments on how nice, hot-tempered, or apathetic you are just based on your facial features and expressions, in which brow shaping apparently also plays a vital role. We at Blush Cosmetic Enhancement Center are equipped with best micro-blading in Tampa, to help you spunk up your eyebrow game! Contact us today!

How does Brow Shaping Enhance your Facial Features

Women since the very beginning have been very beauty conscious because they are seen as the epitomic definition of beauty and grace. A woman can understand the value of an attractive and presentable face and over time adapts to the art of enhancing their beauty. Since beauty in its perfect form is about proportion and balance, an expertly done brow shaping job adds value to the face.

Ways Brow Shaping could go wrong

It has been reported by many women that often eyebrow shaping beauticians are not consistent and it ends up ruining their otherwise pleasant features. Brow shaping can go wrong in numerous ways:

  • Shaping them too thin – resulting in bulging out your eyes, instead of defining your sockets
  • Shaping them too thick – giving a rather masculine and rugged appearance, taking attention away from those beautiful eyes instead
  • Plucking extra hair – often threading techniques end up in extra hair being plucked out, giving a very untidy look
  • Leaving extra hair – a beautician who doesn’t understand the true art of shaping your eyebrows could willingly leave extra hair that needs to be plucked or trimmed, giving them a very messy look
  • Unnatural Shaping – the worst thing you can do to your face is, have a brow shaped very far from your natural look, giving your features a very artificial frontage

Considering all of the above, the cosmetic industry took it upon itself to come up with a more reliable pigment implanting technique and semi-permanent solution known as Micro-blading. Micro-blading in Tampa is basically a tattooing technique that fills thinning or sparse looking eyebrows, defining them for at least a period of 12 months to three years. Moreover, Micro-blading in Tampa provides clients with a hassle-free solution that lasts for a much longer period of time than any other eyebrow product offers. Say goodbye to eyebrow pencils, powder, pigments, gel or stencils along with the trouble of carrying them in your make up pouch and the stress of forgetting to carry them.

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Women of all ages can benefit from micro-blading. From young girls with thin to very light eyebrows to women losing their shape and missing hair from their once bushier eyebrows as they age. Brow shaping is definitely a beauty and make-up essential which helps make your eyebrows beautiful and prominent, as well-shaped eyebrows improve the overall appearance of a face. Instead of going through the same routine of regular eyebrow shaping, reshaping and filling them each time you need to do your make up, connect with us at Blush Cosmetic Enhancement Center to get the best micro-blading
experience money can buy!